Removing the Ohio Rodent Stuck in the Dumpster

With all the contents inside the dumpster, they can easily attract the attention of the Toledo rodents. Most commercial establishments will need a dumpster to accommodate their daily waste. This can serve as a magnet to the rodent due to a couple of reasons. The dumpster will contain a huge number of decaying matter that the rodents will treat as food. Dumpsters are often positioned in an obscure area away from the activity of the people. In addition, employees will often inappropriately use them. This will cause the waste residue to spill in the container that will be tempting for the rodent.

How to Remove the Rodent Trapped in the Dumpster
Toledo rodents are known as opportunistic eaters. This means that they have a tendency to forage for food in any possible way to increase their rate of survival. However, while searching for the food, they will rarely think about their escape route and will be trapped inside the dumpster. In order to remove them from the dumpster, there are simple things that you can do.

Open the Dumpster
Open the dumpster and give them a lot of opportunities to escape the dumpster. Most rodents are adept climber and simply opening the lid of the dumpster will help them figure out the best route to escape. You should never leave the rodent inside the dumpster since this can lead to different problem. Their presence in our dumpster can attract the interest of other animals.

Use a Plank of Wood
If the surface inside the dumpster is too smooth, it will be difficult for the rodent to gain traction. You may need to place a plank of wood in a diagonal position. The rodent may use this as a bridge to get out of their predicament. Rodents are clever and crafty creature. They can easily figure out that you are providing them an escape route.

How to Avoid This
If you want to avoid the same situation, proper waste management is necessary. Place the dumpster at about 50 ft outside your door. Place a concrete pad on the leg of the dumpster that will prevent the animal from tunneling through. Trim the shrubbery or grasses that surround the dumpster. These plants can conceal the dumpster that will make the inspection process challenging. The rodents can also conceal their presence when there are thick shrubs within the area. Be sure that the lid is closed all the time. You should also properly manage the content of the dumpster since too much content will prevent the lid from closing. You should also make sure that the dumpster is in its proper condition and there are no damages that the animals can use as access point.

Ask your staff to regularly check the dumpster and dispose the trash that has been left outside. You should also periodically roam around the area since the rodent will despise the presence of human. Clean the waste residue outside the dumpster since the smell of waste can be irresistible to them.

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