Is it safe to handle an Ohio opossum with bare hands?

Opossums look cute from a distance and they are very furry animals. You might be compelled to catch them in order to see if they are as furry and soft as you imagine. Most of the time, people might find compassion to an animal. This can be true if you the opossum is injured. Grabbing opossums and wanting to take care of them might be the same feeling as when a person sees an injured bird, and they nurse them back to health. The person can feel good when the bird is in good health and they fly away into the sky.

About Toledo Opossums
You should always remember that opossums are wild animals. It means that they don’t generally need human help in order to survive. They can do just fine by looking for something to eat in the wild. Even though they look cute in the distance, they have a tendency to bite when they feel threatened. Opossums are not used to human handling them. They might urinate or emit a foul-odor smell that will make you regret handling them. It is understandable to feel compassion when the animal looks helpless. However, you have to limit your compassion in order to protect yourself from bites and sickness.

Opossums are Non-Domesticated animals
This species is an example of a hard to domesticate an animal. You might be able to tame them but it’s generally not worth the time. You might be better off finding a dog or a cat to take care of. Wild animals are wary. They can bite because of instinct especially when they see you as a threat to them. Some of them may have a hard time in the past dealing with people. They might scratch and claw in order to be free from you. The last thing that you might want to see are scratch marks and bites on your skin. Bare hands are never an option hen handling opossums.

Some people might feel tough or brave and handle a Toledo oopossum with their bare hands. You should be aware that opossums carry diseases such as rabies or tuberculosis. With wild animals, you will never be sure which of them are infected. This can make them incredibly dangerous for a person that handles them with bare hands. Be aware of the health risks that opossums can pose. This is a risk that any normal person should not take.

If you don’t have any choice but to handle an opossum, you have to use thick gloves. These gloves should not be easy to penetrate and they should be durable. Be gentle not to squeeze the animal when handling them as they might bite you. Don’t keep them close to your face to prevent any scratches.

Opossums are normally harmless. But this is only the case when they feel that they are not in danger. If you are in doubt about what to do, call a professional pest control near you. They have the proper tools for catching opossums. You can also save a lot of time and save yourself from a lot of hassle when you call a professional.

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