Nothing seems as terrifying as an Ohio rodent flying across your house. Not that they may stomp onto your heads, but bats can be difficult to get rid of once they find a way into your homes. You certainly won't appreciate a bat family living in harmony with your kids, would you?

Bats tend to dwell at places they deem safe from other creatures, like the humans. It is seldom that they enter your home, however, houses built in areas native to rodents do witness such events quite often.

It is not very hard to lead a Toledo bat outside your residence. You don't always have to kill uninvited animals. There are several environmental-friendly methods as well that can help here too. Here is how you can do the task all by yourself.

Stay calm:
Do not panic. The bat itself fears around humans. If you rush hysterically from room to room, the bat shall panic too. Hence, stay calm before planning any strategy.

Moreover, the bat can hide itself at places hard to trace. If you rush out to another room, it is highly possible that the rodent holes up itself out of your sight and that can be problematic.

Open all the outlets possible:
Believe me, a bat is more eager to get out under the sky than you might be, just that it needs is an easy outlet. Hence, open up all the doors and windows possible so that the poor animal finds its way out.

Use a net:
This method isn't practically possible when the bat is on its wings. If you feel that the animal has no plans to leave your home any sooner, get a butterfly net. Wait for it to land onto a surface where you can easily throw the trap over it. You have to be awfully patient here. Don't attempt this if you have a faint heart.

Use a blanket:
Not only nets can trap bats. You can alternately use a blanket or any sheet that can wrap up and hold the animal in long enough until it is taken outside. However, you need to be careful with this strategy as bats have quite fragile bones. Pressing them hard can leave them with debilitating injuries.

Use a container:
If sheets don't make you an easy option, you can use glass or plastic containers instead. The method goes same as for the above two. Wait for the bat to land onto an open surface. Carefully, place the tub over it and work a flat piece of cardboard gently between the surface and the tub to contain animal within it. Take the container outside your home and release the bat.

How dangerous are bats?
'Dangerous' might not seem the most-appropriate word to describe the situation here. However, it is always advised to wear leather-gloves and a full-sleeved clothing whenever handling bats. Rodents like this one tend to carry rabies, and their bites can transfer the germs to you.

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